Sid's R/C Models 1952-1972

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Sid's first R/C model-1952.  It had more fly-aways than controlled flights.

DeBolt Champion built by Bob Green for Brian Gates in 1970.

Trainer from 1970.

Bob Green and Brian starting up,  1970.

This fuselage was from a seaplane kit.  Wing is 10ft span. 

In 1970 Grover Lowry wanted to fly from the US/Canadian border to Alaska following the model in his VW Micro Bus.  He ask for help in setting up his Stafford Comanche to make the flight. I test flew his model and decided it was not suitable so I designed  a model for the job one evening and we built it in one week. On the test flight we flew from the Denver R/C Eagles field to Arapahoe Rd and returned.


The fuselage was constructed from 3/32" balsa sheet.  The interior of the fuselage from the trailing edge of the wing forward to the firewall was lined with 1/2" thick styro foam and then sheeted on the inside with 3/32" balsa.

The cabin held a 1 gallon fuel tank which fed to a quart tank located right behind the firewall. 




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The cabin also held two pocket warmers which would keep the cabin temperate at 40 degrees when outside temp was 15 degrees below.

Grover flew from a small town in the US to Lethbridge Canada the first day. The second day local TV was filming his departure.  He took off and made a 360 degree turn to come back over the camera and got interference and crashed.   

He then noticed a large ham  antenna on a home a short distance away.  He went to the home and inquired about the antenna and found out the occupant was tuning up his 1K watt transmitter at that time. 

Grover later repaired the model in Alaska and said he flew it back to the US in January. The model was displayed that year at the Toledo show in the FOX both.  Fox had supplied a Fox 74 for the flight.  The model was returned to Denver after the Toledo show and flown regularly at Cherry Creek for a couple of years. 

After a very hard landing it was given to Mike Berry who made it into a camera plane and Mike used it to photograph property (homes) for sale in SE Denver and would sell the areial pictures to the home owners.



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