1/4 Scale Super Cub (modified J-3)

This is a Sig kit.  First flown June 13, 2008 at Chatfield.  First landing was dead stick after about a 5 minute flight.  Approach was slightly high, dropped one wing and applied opposite rudder for a slip to kill off excess altitude then leveled out for a near perfect touch down. 

I molded a new cowl to make it look more like a Super Cub.  Engine is a OS Gemini 160 twin, very realistic power to weight and sound. 

My first full scale solo was in a PA-18 (108hp)at Malden, Mo.  June 1, 1955 after 8 hours of dual instruction by Thomas D. Spencer.  I was in U.S. Air Force primary pilot training at that time.  We flew the PA-18 for 20 hours and then went to the T-6 for 120 hours.  Next was Basic training at Greenville, MS where we flew the T-28 for 40 hours and then the T-33 for 120 hours.