F-94C Wing Construction

Wing with some sheeting and carbon spars.


Wing bottom center with gear cutouts and flap servos installed.

Wing fitted to the fuse plug wing saddle.


Belly Pan mold and finished part in forground. Pan will glue to the wing.

Bottom of right panel, flap extended.



Close up of flap servos installed.

Belly Pan Plug


The wing is 3/32" balsa sheet. Full length carbon spars (.221 wide x .093 thick top and bottom run just in front of the gear mount well.  The same spar material runs just at the rear edge of the gear well from the wing center to the break between the flap and aileron. Two carbon spars (.093 wide x .032 thick are located along the leading edge of the flag and ailerons.

 The space between the spars is filled with blue foam and caps on each side of the spars is 1/16" thick balsa.

The gear well is lined with carbon cloth. Hard wood rails will be added in the gear well.  The gear will mount to a carbon flex plate and the flex plate screwed to the hard wood rails.

The wing bolts to the fuselage two place just behind the front spars and two place just behind the rear carbon spars.