F-94C Tip Tanks-Rocket Pods

Plug chucked in Shopsmith for final sanding.

Finished Plug and Fin on the parting board.

Plug on the left, mold halves in the center and finished parts on the right.

Wooden lathe with Tip Tank mounted.

Finished Rocket Pod plug.

Rocket Pod Plug being fitted to a parting board.


The Tip Tank and Rocket Pod plug was made by gluing foam to a wood dowel and the dowel was chucked in the shopsmith for turning to shape.  Next fiberglass cloth was laid up and then sanded on the Shopsmith.

A wood lathe was made to hold the tip tank and rocket pod.  The straight edge along the pod scraped off the excess epoxy when the plug was rotated.

I am also using the Pod Mold to make a Belly Tank for my Boomerang Intro.  It holds a little more than 20 ozs.