F-94C Fuselage Mold

Fuselage aligned horizontal and parting board top on center line.

Blue Foam installed full length in one piece to stiffen mold. 

Finished molds.


Looking at the top of the fuselage plug with parting board installed. 

Four cross pieces installed between blue foam.


Mold just of the plug before trimming and before foam stiffeners installed.

Mold lay up was first one layer of 2oz fiberglass cloth, then three layers of 5oz cloth.

Graphite powder was used in the epoxy resin for the first coat. A mix of silica, graphite and epoxy was used in all sharp corners to fillet.

Foam base was hot wired across the bottom to make sure it was perfectly flat and parallel to the mold top (parting line).

The first half of the mold was then turned over and the second half was laid up on the first half.

The finished mold is very light and must be stored and used on a perfectly flat table because it can be twisted if not on a flat surface.