F-94C Fuselage Plug

The 1" square tube is supported at each end of the table and is free to rotate 360 degrees. 

Bow jig in place, ready to hot wire cut this section.


Gluing blocks for nose section.

Fuselage cut out for cockpit.

Verticle Fin and Dorsal fitted to the platform.

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Templates are fitted to the 1" tube and can be clamped in place.

Cut finished and ready to remove for next section.

Shows template on 1" tube and clamp mount on the end of the table.

Added stab platform at rear of fuselage plug.

Fuselage Plug with canopy, intakes and nose cone added.



Center section templates in place with pink foam ready to hot wire cut.

Finished Fuse Center Section, note how blocks were glued.

Shows all four sections, cut, sanded to shape. Center and rear section glassed.

Adding stab root ribs.

Fuselage Plug with wing in place and finished plug for canopy, nose cone and intakes in place.