F-94C Molded Fuselage Parts

Left fuselage half out of the mold and trimmed. 

Showing speed brake and nose gear door reinforcement.


Sid & left half of fuselage with nose cone in place.

Left side trimmed and viewed from top front.




Fuselage lay up is one 2oz & 10oz glass layer the entire length of the fuselage.  An additional 3.2oz layer from the nose to the rear end of the wing mount (wing cut out). 

Each half weighs 1lb 4oz after trimming the cutouts.  I added the 3.2oz layer since my balance calculations indicate I will need nose weight. 

The speed brake doors and nose gear doors a stiffened by adding a 3/32" thick balsa sheet to the inside surface of the door and then 2 layers of 2oz cloth over the balsa. 

A small amount of carbon tow has been added inside the wing fillets. 

A 2" wide carbon cloth has been added inside at the location of the nose gear bulkhead.

A 1/2" wide carbon cloth will outline the cockpit opening and the wing saddle. 

Carbon cloth will be used around the wing hold-on bolts to spread the load in that area.