F-94C Assembly

Front view, setting on wheels for the first time.

Front view setting on wheels. Total weight under 10lbs at this point.

View looking in the nose inside the fuselage.  Bulkhead and nose retract mounted.

Added Tip Tanks & Rocket Pods primed in white and painted black leading edge on wing and horizontal stab. Rocket doors and tips tanks painted with yellow. Tip tanks inside half painted olive drab. Rudder checkerboard painted. Test flying will be done with current paint.  Flite Metal aluminum finish will be added after test flights are complete. 





Side view.

Blue tape represents canopy frame.  Fiber glass inside the blue tape will be cut out and the clear canopy glued to the outside of the fiberglass frame. Another fiber glass frame will be glued over the clear canopy. 


As of 02/22/07 the fuselage is fitted to the wing.  Retracts are installed.  Based on weight of 10lbs at this stage, target of 20lbs dry looks possible.  

Construction has been on hold since May 4, 2007 when I broke my left arm.  I have resumed work as of Sept 8. 

Sid & Bob Elliott with model  Bob provided the original blue prints for construction.