Fuel Tank Plug & Molds

The fuel tanks are multi-purpose.  They store approximately 42 oz in each tank and they also act a ducting to direct air flow to the engine.  The top of the tanks form the bottom of the cockpit.

Note: The black & white finish on the plugs was not on purpose and will be avoided in the future.

Dummy (Foam) Engine and tank plug in blue foam. 

Tank plug mostly cut to shape and standing on rear end of plug. 

Finished Plugs standing on rear end and set apart to show shape.  The near side is top of the tanks..

Plugs are placed together like they will be when in the plane.  Front (top) 2/3's is the cockpit tub. 

Plugs bottom view standing on rear end.  This bottom shape will direct air to the engine.

Right Tank Splitter plate. Blue foam will be covered with fiber glass and sanded smooth.

Plug with splitter plate on side and end. 

View showing two blocks to hold the plug in position.  Side and end plates still to be added.

Splitter Plate for the Right Tank.  Curved plate formed with blue foam.  Straight plate is 1/4" hard board. 

The mold has been laid up on plug and spitter plate then the blue foam stiffing pieces added.





Two boards standing on each side of mold to be used as wire guide. Boards are parallel with mold base.  Hot wire bow ready to cut the stiffener foam parallel to base.

Blue foam bottom has been trimmed flat and parallel the mold.

Bottom object is inside of Bottom Mold. Above is Tank Plug inside the splitter plate.

Above is complete Mold lay up of mold for the top of the left tank.  Lay up is one layer of 3.2oz cloth and two layers of 9 oz cloth. 

Top View of two tanks placed together.

Bottom View, Two tanks together

Tanks from Rear Engine Starter fits into the round rear area.

Tanks from the Rear, Upside Down.  Holes for Dubro Stoppers are visible.

Rear Bottom View of Tanks in Fuselage

Front Bottom View of  Tanks in Fuselage