F-94C Project

 The  fuselage is 82" long (scale 6.6-1).  The posted pictures show how I am building the fuselage  plug. 

I started with a 1" square alum. tube which is mounted so I can rotate it 360 degrees.  I bought pink foam and blue foam at Home Depot.  I rough cut the foam and glued the blocks together with Elmers Probond (polyurethane glue).  The first thing I learned about the glue is spread the glue as thin as possible, it expands like crazy.   Next I figured out you need to true up the thickness of the foam blocks.  The foam varies as much as 3/16” in thickness over a 2ft width and if you don’t true the blocks you have to use a lot of filler in the cracks.  

  I would only use blue foam in the future when making a plug for a mold,  the pink dents too easily.  The pink is a little lighter and originally I was going to make just one model so I was going to hollow out the pink foam fuse and leave a thin wall of foam and fiberglass the outside of the foam fuse.  I got the idea after seeing Eddie Weeks DC-10, my method of shaping the foam is different. 

Part of the intakes, the stab platform, canopy and dorsal will be separate molds.  The vertical fin/rudder, the horizontal stab and the wing are built up construction using carbon fiber spar caps, filling between the caps with foam with webs on each side of the spars. 

The nose cone is removable providing access to the radio and all equipment mounted in the nose. 

 I made plywood templates (6 for the F-94C fuse) and fastened them to wood blocks that clamp on the 1” square tube.  The templates can them be slid along the tube for correct placement.  I clamp a wooden jig to the side of my bench and the height is just right to lay my hot wire bow on the template for cutting the fuselage.  I have a removable handle on the end of the alum tube so I can easily rotate the tube during the hot wire cutting process.  I think this method would work very well on projects that have a round or ob-round fuselage..

I will use this paint scheme and markings. I was in this squadron in late "50s and flew this plane many times.

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My present plan is to finish using Flite Metal.

Questions or Suggestions: email me at: "SidGates"

To view construction pictures Click below.

Fuselage Plug Construction

Fuselage Molds

Fuselage Molded Parts

Fuel Tank Plug and Molds

Wing Construction - Belly Pan

Horizontal Stab

Vertical Stab

Tip Tanks & Rocket Pods


Assembly Pictures

Walk Around Video (construction status as of 7/7/2008)


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