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F-15XT  Project  

This model started out as a Regal Eagle kit.  I sold the kit once and later bought it back and the builder had ruined the wing so I designed a new wing that is slightly larger than the Regal Eagle. 

Each wing panel has two spars made with carbon fiber caps on both spars and a main spar that joins the two wing panels.  

I call this model the F-15XT instead of Regal Eagle since it is highly modified.  I don't want Parkinson Models to be blamed for any failure in this project. "X" for experimental and "T" for turbine powered.  I plan to use the RAM 500.  









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Landing Gear Mounting Plate and bulkheads. Black strips are carbon fiber spar material

Gear  plates and bulkheads glued in.  Spring Air retracts installed.

Main spar assembled in center with carbon fiber spar caps above and below.



Front and rear spars installed and top partially sheeted

Main spar installed and more sheeting finished.

Wing panels joined by main spar..

Front view. The nose cone, wing tips, and tail cone are blue foam.

Top deck installed and canopy fitted.