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F-15 (Top Gun Kit)  

I purchase this model ready to fly with OS 91 engine, Byron Fan and tuned pipe several years ago.  Since it is a very good flying model I decided to convert it to turbine using my RAM 500. 

I have removed the starter from the RAM 500 and will use a wand starter I built from scratch & start gas will be off board too..   

I weighed the OS 91, tuned pipe, header, Byron Fan 7 mount and the total was 52 oz.  With my stripped down RAM 500, fuel pump, battery, ECU, solenoids, it totals 43 oz.  Total model weight at take off less fuel should be 15.5 lbs. 





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Condition as of 2/29/2008

Paint stripped and ready for new paint.  I added usable rudders required for AMA rules and for good crosswind handling.

Mounting ring for tail pipe added.

Painted in NASA chase, white with black trim.