Boomerang Intro

 The Boomerang is my first Turbine Jet model.  I flew it first in Arlington, Tx June 2005.  My first 9 flights were in Texas, the 9th being my check flight for my turbine waiver. 

Flying it is like flying a large IMAC model except for the throttle response lag of a turbine engine.

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Boomerang, flown 11 flights with RAM 500.

Using Jet Cart (Sears Garden Cart) at Cherry Creek.

Ready to start, hatch off.

Climb out.

Overhead fly by.

Click to view flight video 1:40 long.(takes 2-3 minutes to load)



Take off runs were about 300ft in Texas with RAM 500 and about 400ft in Denver (5700ft MSL).  After change to WREN Super Sport for flight 12, take off run now about 200ft in Denver.

Fly by at approx 100ft altitude.


High on final at Cherry Creek for N/S 400ft runway.

Final approach too high for short runway.

Approach height just right, note nose high attitude possible with Boomerang at 5700ft MSL.

Changed engine to WREN Super Sport and added two intakes above original intakes.  I am not sure it was necessary but I felt more comfortable with additional air intakes.

With added intakes.